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  • Board of Directors & Committee Info Headin' up 2016 SASS FL State Championship is Copenhagen - Match Director, Bill Bonney - Territorial Governor, Santa Fe River Stan & Delta Glen - Range Masters Chicken Scratch - Stage Design, Oakley Mouse - RO Coordinator, Lil Mis - Admin/Registration, Ferrari's Filly - Banquet Coordinator. We are looking forward to hearing from our SASS family of shooters and volunteers to build a bigger and better championship in 2016. If you have a particular passion and are willing to dedicate your time (lots of time) to making sure the SASS Florida State Championship continues to carry on the tradition of being one of the premier SASS State Championships in the United States then we'd love to hear from you . . . and soon! We have 6 months to create, design, build, organize and fundraise one of the most memorable matches of the year!
  • Territorial Governor We would like to invite you to the 2016 "Siege of St Augustine." The Ghost Town Gunslingers and Ancient City Shooting Range are proud to host the SASS Florida State Championship for 2016. The "Siege at St Augustine" has become the best known and finest SASS State Championship offered to SASS competitors. Thank you for coming down to our neck of the woods, we enjoy putting the match on for you all.
  • As you know, a lot of hard work goes in to a match of this magnitude and those who give freely of their time and labor are the backbone of The Siege. Our match director, Copenhagen, his wife, Lil Mis and their children have been the very best folks to work with and always are the heart of The Siege. Oakley Mouse, Bandana Barb, Dakota Lil, Purdy Sharp, Smooth Sister, Missouri Mam and Ennah Tizzy have been hard at work making up new props and rework old ones. Kingfish Dave, Lightload, Chicken Scratch, Macinaw, Diamond L Gunslinger, Hogtown Huckleberry, Major Mishap, Gus, Willy Whiskers and many others worked their tails off to make sure we had the labor and smarts required to set up everything. Thanks to Delta Glen and Santa Fe River Stan for rangemaster duty. We appreciate the help, and without these fine folks The Siege could not and would not happen. Thank you! I will ride with you all anywhere, any time.
  • For 2016 we will bring you "The Fight for Florida" at The Siege at St Augustine. Be prepared to be taken back to the time of the Seminole Indian battles and massacres of 1839 in old Florida. It was a time of incredible acts of bravery and treachery. A time in our Florida history that many would like to forget. A time when the early settlers and indians were both fighting for their way of life, a struggle that was historic. So come on out and be prepared to fight off indian attacks, skirmish with the Army troops and the Seminoles and experience the massacre at Piccolata Landing in 2016.
  • Kicking off the event on Thursday will be a 4 stage wild bunch and black powder side matches as well as many other side matches including a shoot off stage where you can challenge your best pard to a championship style shoot off. There will be a "Try it stage" on Saturday where anyone can shoot a sample stage and experience the fun and challenge of cowboy action shooting. With 10 uniquely designed main match stages (Friday and Saturday), finest banquet and award ceremony Saturday evening and finishing off with the top 32 "last man standing shoot off" on Sunday at 10am. We expect the shoot off to be fast and furious and end around 12:30 so plan on sticking around! You won't want to miss this action!!
  • Wingate will be the offical host hotel of The 2016 Siege of St Augustine so make your reservations early. Historical St Augustine, Florida has many different types of entertainment for all of our participants. There are first class accomodations (most within 5 minutes of the range), dining, entertainment and endless shopping. The city is rich in history and you can board a pirate ship, take a tour or see many historical sites in the "Nation's Oldest City."
  • Please plan to attend the 2016 Siege at St Augustine, it promises to be one of the best sieges yet.
  • Bandana Barb and I hope to see you at the Siege!
  • Bill Bonney, Territorial Governor, Ghost Town Gunslingers
  • R.O.'s We couldn't run the match without this amazing group of volunteers. If you are RO I & II certified and would like to be a volunteer RO, please contact: Oakley Mouse.
  • We hope that you will help show your appreciation by sponsoring an R.O. lunch for the day. We will randomly select an R.O. to receive a lunch (with a note) courtesy of you! Details on the match registration form. Thank you, in advance, for your additional support! ;)
  • Volunteers/Waddies The Siege at St. Augustine - 2016 SASS FL State Championship is looking forward to another great event! Will you be able to help us out with any of the following positions:

Range Setup
Registration & Check-in
Shuttle Drivers
RO/Scorekeeper for Side Matches
Costume Contest Judging
Awards Ceremony
Banquet Decoration/Set up
Range Tear Down

All Volunteers will receive a meal ticket for a full days work on the volunteer day!  If you are willing to help, please contact Lil Mis.